Kelly's trip to Jamaica and Mexico!





Sept. 2, 2003

Hello friends and family,

I have been on a three-country whirlwind trip beginning with the smallest country in Central America (El Salvador), returning back to my Peace Corps roots (Jamaica) and then finally ending my trip in a delicious and colorful country (Mexico).

As most of you know, El Salvador is a tiny country, about the size of the US state of Massachusetts, located on the Pacific coast of Central America. So it takes only a few hours to get from the capital to any point in the country by car or bus..although I was in a conference and didn.t get to see much of the country. I did see volcanic landscape as I flew into the country and was able to do a little shopping for hand-woven textiles and ceramics. I was also fortunate to meet all my Pacific Island Country Directors and reunite with some old amigos.

Then off to my old Peace Corps stomping ground for 3 weeks to conduct a safety assessment and train my new team members (David and Bob). The assessment provided interesting insight into Jamaica...luckily things have greatly improved, especially crime-wise, since I was last there, plus Kingston was the cleanest I had ever seen it. I took a weekend off and traveled to my old site on the South Coast, not only was I able to see some good friends but also I was able to get a day in at the beach..a rarity these days for me.

And I wrapped up my 5-week adventure in Mexico conducting an initial security assessment with an impressive team of my colleagues. Mexico was a pleasant surprise in every aspect and I will look forward to future visits.

I am finally home (in the Philippines) for 10 days. During that time I will pack up my belongings and send them to my new home (Fiji) and say good-bye to my friends in the S E Asia area.

I will be in Washington DC from Sept. 13-Oct. 13 before departing to my new residents in the beautiful South Pacific.